How to "Magically" Guess Someone's Favorite Color?

Answer This cool trick can be creepy, yet fun! Amaze and wow your friends, family, and relatives with this guessing trick!

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Sometimes maybe i guess i need help i guess, and id just kinda like to ask a question here pretty much?

Nothing, Zach!Wave bye bye to your hair!! *waves*;-)

Guess what I just did!!?

You don't sound like a hippy!I am most definitely inspired. If only more girls thought this way... we have far too much pressure on us with the media etc. - all they do is promote low self esteem!I... Read More »

Baby name questions to guess your personality! #2 Just tell me what you got or you can write the answers!?

1) c- Catherine2) b - Fairy-like girl3) a- Winter4) a - Cole5) c - Boy named Benjamin:)hahah that's actually true! :P

Guess gregs favorite talk show host?