Signs of Crushes?

Answer A crush is when someone wants to be more than friends with you. If you are not looking for the signs of a crush, you might not realize that someone is attracted to you. This is detrimental for two ... Read More »

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How to Stop Having Crushes?

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How to Not Overanalyze Crushes?

Do you believe that, even though he hasn't said a word to you, that he loves you? Do you find yourself dreaming about the "perfect life" that you're going to have with your crush? Stop dreaming, gi... Read More »

How to Repel Your Unwanted Crushes?

An unwanted crush is both flattering and challenging at the same time. When younger, often immaturity can lead us to turn the unwanted crush into a bit of a joke, worthy of laughing off, or even wo... Read More »

How to Stop Friends from Teasing About Crushes?

Do your friends tease you about your current crush? Well if so, here are some helpful tips to guide you away from that road.