What is my car worth as a trade-in?

Answer On One Hand: Online Pricing GuidesOnline pricing guides are available for free to consumers. Two major guides are Kelly Blue Book and NADA. Both of these offer free online car valuations. It is ... Read More »

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How to Trade a Car When I Owe More Than It Is Worth?

Trading in a car when you're upside down on the loan, or owe more than the car's worth, can create a financial hurdle. Even so, it's possible to trade in your car and acquire a new vehicle. Know th... Read More »

Can I trade in my car owing more than it's worth?

You can trade your car in if you owe more than it's worth. The dealership tacks the remaining balance of the old loan onto you new vehicle loan. This is called an upside down loan.References:Lease... Read More »

Is this trade worth it or am I getting ripped off?

The price of the two items are more or less the same. As you got a game with the xbox its slightly higher value but nothing to really care about. So i would say its a good deal.

Is this guitar/amp trade worth it?

Yeah you should definitely take the trade