What is mutton tallow?

Answer Mutton tallow is rendered fat from a mature sheep. Rendered fat is fat that has been melted down.SuetMutton tallow is actually made specifically from suet. Suet is the fat that is removed from arou... Read More »

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Making Candles With Mutton Tallow?

Mutton tallow is the rendered fat that comes from the flesh of matured female sheep. It's essentially lard, separated from the meat and sold for use in cooking and a variety of other uses such as b... Read More »

What is tallow fat?

The use of tallow, a by-product of the meat processing industry, in U.S. food products is on the decline due to health concerns about dietary fat intake. Non-edible products, such as candles and so... Read More »

Uses for Tallow?

Animal fat that is processed from suet is called tallow or lard.Tallow is usually made from beef fat, though occasionally from mutton fat. Lard is made from pork fat. For centuries, people have us... Read More »

Is mutton and goat same?

No they are not the same. Mutton is meat from a sheep older than a year. As opposed to lamb which is a sheep less than a year old (more tender than mutton). Goat meat is from goats. However, they d... Read More »