What is musk oil?

Answer Musk oil is used as fragrance, most often in men's cologne. It has a very strong smell, so only a small, diluted amount is needed for the desired effect.TypesTraditionally, musk oil was derived fro... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Egyptian Musk and White Musk?

Musk was originally obtained from animal sources, although that is no longer the methodology. However, when this technique was used, the anal glands of the musk deer and civet cat were extracted to... Read More »

How to tell a female musk ox from a male musk ox?

WeightThere are a few subtle differences in physical appearance between a male musk ox and a female. One distinct difference is the weight of the male versus the female. Males weigh around 600 pou... Read More »

What is musk perfume made from?

Traditionally, musk comes from the scent glands of musk deer. A plant-based option also exists, as the same scent can be obtained from the roots of the angelica, ambrette and galbanum plants. White... Read More »

Can you eat musk thistle?

On One Hand: Musk Thistle is EdibleThe musk thistle is considered an edible weed, however, only the stalks may be eaten and they must be harvested in the spring while they are soft and fleshy. The ... Read More »