Colleges That Provide a Major in Music Tech & Music Theory?

Answer Music production is a growing career field that is cropping up in an increasing number of colleges and universities as areas of study. Music theory is a more commonly found degree opportunity, but ... Read More »

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Why do we need music theory for choir?

Music theory enhances a choir singer's ability to absorb, retain and perform music quickly. Even if a singer is adept at learning vocal music by ear, a basic working knowledge of music theory will ... Read More »

Music Theory Question?

An Ab major chord would be the bIII or "flat major three." It's a borrowed chord from F minor, since there's no Ab in F major, but there is in F minor. The roman numeral iii would delineate an A mi... Read More »

The Best Way to Learn Music Theory?

Being a good musician does not rely upon knowledge of theory, but having this knowledge creates greater opportunities for understanding the intricacies of music. Music theory includes reading and w... Read More »

Music Theory Courses?

Music theory courses may involve a range of other areas, including the history of music and music pedagogy. Students who study music theory should have a thorough understanding of music fundamental... Read More »