What is music mastering?

Answer Music mastering is the final equalization an album goes through before it is released to yield the best possible broadcasting levels to each track. Mastering adds punch. It manipulates lows and hig... Read More »

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Correspondence Courses in Music Mastering?

Online programs in music mastering, sound design and digital recording offer learning options ranging from simple audio mastering for better home recording to creating a new record label. Develope... Read More »

What is CD mastering?

The CD mastering process involves a mix of equalization, dynamic processing, noise reduction and sequencing--all of which are performed by an experienced mastering engineer with the ultimate goal o... Read More »

What is mixing&mastering?

The greatest song in the world can sound awful without the help of a good mixing and mastering job. These similar but distinct functions are important in fine-tuning a musical recording into a fini... Read More »

The Advantages & Disadvantages of 24-Bit Mastering?

The rule of thumb for the recording process is to use the bit rate that you started with to reduce the amount of converting that must be done. When recording in 24-bit, you will eventually have to ... Read More »