What is music copyright?

Answer Every song from Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" to Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" is copyrighted in order to officially register, publish and protect music from unauthorized performance and plagiarism.H... Read More »

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How to Copyright a Music CD?

Copyrighting your music CD is an important process in protecting your music. It ensures that no one can copy your music or attempt to make a profit from it without your permission. Copyrighting an ... Read More »

How do I copyright my music?

A copyright is a form of intellectual property granted to the creators of original creative works, such as song lyrics and music. A copyright gives the creator the exclusive privilege to distribute... Read More »

How do I copyright my own music?

Long before his falling out with Warner Bros. in 1996, Prince was self-publishing his own songs. "Just As Long As We're Together," the B-side to "I Wanna Be Your Lover" was published by Prince's Mu... Read More »

Music CD Copyright Law?

Copyright law protects the creative value of all original music works created by musicians, song writers, producers and record labels from copyright infringement. Only the original creators have ex... Read More »