Is there a difference between the vaginal mucus ovulation and pregnancy mucus?

Answer Vaginal MucusIn my experience (I have two kids), your ovulation discharge usually looks like egg whites, and when you are pregnant, you may have no discharge at all, or a slight creamy textured dis... Read More »

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Is good sized pieces of yellow mucus like discharge mean it was the mucus plug or could it be due to a yeast infection at 11 weeks?

i would take an early morning urine sample to your docs for investigation Answer YOU HAVE AN STD. GO TO THE NEAREST CLINIC FOR HELP!!!!

What Causes Dog Eye Mucus?

After a good night's sleep, it is not uncommon to see a slight discharge or crust in the corner of a dog's eyes. Also, some dog breeds have normal drainage that shows up as a brown stain around the... Read More »

What does a mucus plug do?

The purpose of the mucus plug is to keep bacteria from entering the uterus during pregnancy. It is a barrier that begins at the entrance of the cervix inside the vagina. Even if the mucus plug is l... Read More »

What is the purpose of mucus in the nose?

There is no useful purpose. Mucus SUCKS! I have to clear my throat all the time and blow my nose all the time. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!