Me Di Un Golpe En La Cabeza & Me Duele Mucho?

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What is the Spanish flu?

Spanish FluThis is a rather a old strain with its first appearance in 1918. In two years, over 30 million people died from Spanish Flu. Many of the soldiers returning from Europe to North America b... Read More »

What is Spanish sea glass?

Spanish sea glass originates on the beaches of Spain, but amateur hunters and hobbyists discover it across the world and collect it for sale and use in crafts. Sea glass is rated based on its rarit... Read More »

What are earphones in Spanish?

auriculares is the spanish word for headphones or earphones

What is ' lounge' in spanish?

Hird is one of the artists that perform for Nordic lounge.Released one of the best lounge albums namely 'Moving On'.For more about Hird go to check for Nordic lounge on