What is mozilla firefox?

Answer it is basically the same as IE except its security features are better.

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What is Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode?

Troubleshooting issues you may experience with Mozilla Firefox should be attempted in Safe Mode. This mode allows you to disable any add-ons and tool bars that might be causing the problems you are... Read More »

What are the pros and cons of having Mozilla Firefox?

Pros:1. The interface is easy to use. I've tried Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Opera. No matter how many cool features those browsers have or how much faster they go than Firefox, I keep c... Read More »

What is the difference between internet explorer and Mozilla firefox?

Simply put, the major difference is that Firefox loads pages faster. Most people, when switching from IE to Firefox notice that immediately and are pleased with the result.Mozilla Firefox seems to ... Read More »

What is Mozilla Firefox.. [i'll give 10pts to the best answere]?

1.) It can be a little faster than Internet Explorer if you do some tweaks to it (go to to find them) and some people prefer it more than Internet Explorer.2.) No, this is not for dial-... Read More »