Can I have the same cell phone number on two different phones?

Answer In 2008, Bahrain GSM network began creating a service that would allow users to have two cell phones with the same number. The service would be called Thunaii, and will create a more user-friendly ... Read More »

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Can you have two phones with Sprint with the same phone number?

With any carrier, including Sprint, no two cell phones can have the same number. In the 1990s, cell networks were not secure, and people could clone another phone's information, download it to a ne... Read More »

Can i get two cell phones with the same phone number on one contract?

It is not possible to have two separate cell phones using the same phone number. Regardless of whether they are with the same carrier or with different carriers, it is not legal. As an option, you ... Read More »

We have 2 landline phones 1 upstairs 1 downstairs what number do i dial from 1 phone to make the other ring?

I just click the softkeyes for direct-link....then all the extensions show up.....and I can choose....line 1-2-3----4 etc...

How do you delete the old contact number phones from the iPhone 16 gb and add a new contact number phones with anew SIM CARD?

It will come with a charging cord. You will have to plug that cord into your computer while it is plugged in to charge your iPod with that. Alternatively you can purchase an AC adapter from Target/... Read More »