What is motorbike insurance?

Answer In the United Kingdom, motorbike insurance is insurance that you buy to protect your motorcycle against accidents caused by yourself and others, as well as theft, damage by fire and other hazards.T... Read More »

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I am planning a motorbike tour of the US in summer 2010. How much would I pay for a 2nd hand motorbike?

I agree with Mike, there's plenty of GL 1100-1200 Gold Wings around that go for anywhere from $2,500-$4,500 depending upon condition. There's plenty of Honda dealers around so that should help sho... Read More »

How much would liability insurance cost a 14-year-old for coverage on a 110cc motorbike?

Minors and InsuranceSince most insurance companies will not insure minors or often those under the age of 21, the answer to your question would be $0. You should ask your parent or guardian for ass... Read More »

Can you get travel insurance to cover you riding a motorbike you do not own while travelling in Europe?

Sewage back up is a rider that you must purchase. But if you are a tenant, it would be your landlord's responsibility to purchase the coverage. Check with him.

What is the best first motorbike to buy?

As the law stands at the moment, you can only ride bikes of less than 125cc and under 14.6bhp, at the age of 17. So, the VT-125 would be ideal (and legal) for a 17 year old.However, by the time yo... Read More »