What is motherboard actually What does it contain?

Answer Your computer consists of a few basic necessary parts. For the most part a CPU, GPU, and a modem.Your motherboard is (if you're looking at the inside of your computer) the largest component. It is ... Read More »

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Does glue actually contain horses?

A hundred years ago, yes. It is made out of connective tissue. Elmer's was accused of it recently.

Can a virus actually fry a motherboard.....?

Yes, a virus can open the current to fry the motherboard....They can infect the BIOS, destroy a hard drive....These types of destructive viruses are not seen as often as a virus that infects files,... Read More »

How many oysters actually contain pearls?

Millions of oysters are nucleated each year, but only a small percentage of those oysters produce pearls. Only 50 percent of all nucleated oysters bear pearls. Only 10 percent of all nucleated oyst... Read More »

Has US policy actually spread terrorism rather than contain it?

Many people who have seriously studied the situation would say, 'YES'. There are many factors involved. First, the US is the world's largest supplier of armament - e.g. , guns, rockets, tanks, expl... Read More »