What is mortgage payment protection?

Answer Mortgage payment protection, also referred to as mortgage insurance, is the form of insurance that protects a co-purchaser from bearing the entire weight of a mortgage if the other co-purchaser bec... Read More »

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What is payment protection insurance?

Payment protection insurance is the form of insurance that protects a person against an inability to pay back a debt due to an accident, sickness, unemployment or death. The insurance is usually pr... Read More »

Why is payment protection insurance important?

For many borrowers, payment protection insurance (PPI) is an essential credit-related insurance that acts as a safety net on which borrowers can fall in the event that they are unable to work. For ... Read More »

Why Are On-Time Payment Protection Systems Tamper-Proof?

Car dealers have found on-time payment protection systems to be a good way to ensure that their customers make payments on time. Those dealers who use these gadgets have found that they usually don... Read More »

How to Get Credit Card Companies to Remove Payment Protection?

Payment protection is insurance offered by your credit card company or a third-party provider. The insurance protects you from having to make the minimum payment on your credit card if you lose you... Read More »