What is mortgage modification?

Answer For homeowners who are unable to keep up with monthly mortgage payments, applying for a loan modification may help to prevent foreclosure by lowering the interest on the loan as well as the monthly... Read More »

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What Do I Do If My Mortgage Company Won't Give Me a Modification Package?

Keeping a laptop computer clean helps shield your hands from germs and keeps the computer's cooling system functioning at its best. However, if you've owned your Compaq Presario V5000 for several y... Read More »

Mortgage Modification Questions?

Although mortgage modifications have been available throughout history, they did not become common knowledge until the Making Home Affordable program was introduced in February 2009. The Making Hom... Read More »

Non-Owner Mortgage Modification?

A mortgage modification might be necessary to save your investment property from foreclosure. You can explore several options toward obtaining a mortgage modification for your non-owner occupied pr... Read More »

How to Qualify for Mortgage Loan Modification?

The thought of losing your home may enter your mind if you lose your job or experience a drop in income. Before panicking, contact your mortgage lender and discuss the possibility of modifying your... Read More »