Does anyone know what how the Morse Code works?

Answer As an Ham Operator, I use CW (Continuous Wave) to communicate via the International Morse Code. The original Morse code is slightly different as was good for the old railroad telegraphs.Each letter... Read More »

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How to Learn Morse Code?

The Morse Code was developed by Samuel F.B. Morse in 1844. Even after more than 160 years, it is still used today, especially by amateur radio operators. The code can be sent quickly over the teleg... Read More »

How to Use Morse Code to Signal for Help?

Morse Code has been used for a very long time, especially to send distress signals.

How to Convert a Message to Morse Code?

Morse Code is a system of communication developed by Samuel F. Morse in 1836. Morse, an American artist, invented the telegraph and patented it in 1844. Using Morse Code, he was able to send messag... Read More »

Do ham radio operators have to send Morse code?

The Federal Communications Commission no longer requires ham operators to use Morse code and eliminated testing on it as of February 23, 2007. All three license classes--Technician, General and Ext... Read More »