What is more worth buying a Phone or headphones?

Answer a phone you nipnum!

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Are the skullcandy hesh2 headphones worth buying?

I bought the mesh online about 3-4 days ago and love theme they r good sound quality but r solid plastic. In my opinion unless u r throwing them or something ur not going to break them tho

You want to buy some good quality headphones for around 100pounds what can anyone suggest that is worth buying?

There is no Sprint iPhone. Most likely wont happen till late 2011.

Is this phone worth buying?

No! They might see like a good deal but im quite geeky.and these phones will break easily. You will find lots of flaws in them.Plus the touchscreen is terrible(its one of those were you have to pre... Read More »

Could you prefer buying an expensive phone or a laptop worth the same amount?

Look at the specs; make sure it has a good sized hard drive, like at least 100 GB. 6 cell lithium battery. Under 5 pounds are usually light enough