What is more unhealthy, tobacco smoke or incense smoke?

Answer Incense is toxic on the first try, unlike tobacco, which can take years to cause any major side effects.Incense, known as k2, spice, or synthetic weed, is fatally toxic to your system and can perma... Read More »

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Why doesn't incense set off my smoke alarm?

Because it is not a thick smoke like a real fire

Stores near independence that sell k2 smoke incense?

If you want to save a lot of money, buy some JWH-018 (e-bay or and whatever plant material you like to infuse it into (I use Damiana but you can use just about anything). Pour 40... Read More »

What tobacco would you smoke?

Is it unhealthy to smoke cigarette butts?

That's pretty gross and will get you hooked. I use to smoke and I can tell you this... at almost 24 years old now... started smoking when I was 11 years old...... IT WAS THE WORST MISTAKE I EVER MA... Read More »