What is more detrimental to your health, regular Alcohol use or regular use of Cannabis?

Answer Depends on how much alcohol you consider "regular". Moderate, daily drinking can increase health (2 drinks a day, one drink being a 12 oz. beer, 8 oz. glass of wine, 1 oz. liquor (a shot), etc.). T... Read More »

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Will regular dish network viewers receive super bowl on regular programming?

With most of our installations, if you qualify for the promotion, the installations are free. This is for new customers. You can go to to view our programming packages, the mont... Read More »

Can 3D TVs watch regular TV shows & regular DVDs?

Can 3D TVs watch regular TV shows & regular DVDs?A 3DTV can display all regular 2D tv shows and regular dvds in 2D. If your 3DTV has a 2D to 3D conversion feature you can get some 3D effect from re... Read More »

Is willows a regular in mens health?

Why Pregnant women should have regular health check ups?

because you have a baby, and you want to make sure everything is going well so when you give birth to the baby, the baby will be healthy -To check blood pressure,urine for sugar and protein and mak... Read More »