What is more dangerous: AC or DC?

Answer On One Hand: AC VoltageAC voltage can cause your heart to go into ventricular fibrillation and can stop it from beating permanently. However, because the voltage alternates, you're likely to jerk y... Read More »

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Which is more dangerous?

What! Do marketers think that women are so desperate to look their best that we would actually use any of those weapons of torture?

Is smoking more dangerous?

MUCH more dangerous. Kids that start at your age tend to become lifetime addicts, which is when tobacco kills best. Get out while you still can.

Which is a more dangerous job CIA or FBI?

Depending on what you do. As a CIA agent, you will be more exposed than an FBI agent. However, a CIA Analyst does not really see any action, an FBI analyst maybe at more risk. - - - - -Easy: FBI. T... Read More »

Is a motorcycle more dangerous than a car?

Sure there is an element of danger riding a motorcycle but I can tell you this. I got rear-ended at about 80mph by a car on my bike the car hit me so hard that the bike was literally knocked out fr... Read More »