What is moral suasion?

Answer Moral suasion is the application of pressure--through persuasion, moral arguments or implied punishment--by a recognized authority to convince participants in an organization or group to abide by o... Read More »

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What Are Moral Theories?

Moral theories are sets of moral beliefs organized into a cohesive statement. They provide followers with consistent standards for ethical behavior. Well formed moral theories serve three functions... Read More »

What is a moral development?

Psychologists and sociologists have often studied and debated the development of morals in individuals. Morals--the understanding of "right" and "wrong" behavior--vary, according to cultures, reli... Read More »

What is moral liberty?

Moral liberty is a philosophical concept which Webster's Dictionary defines as the "liberty of choice which is essential to moral responsibility." The Catholic Encyclopedia describes it as one of t... Read More »

What is a moral relativist?

Many people make decisions by asking if a choice is good or bad, essentially wondering about the best moral choice; however, a moral relativist will look inside himself and ask what choice feels mo... Read More »