What is moral liberty?

Answer Moral liberty is a philosophical concept which Webster's Dictionary defines as the "liberty of choice which is essential to moral responsibility." The Catholic Encyclopedia describes it as one of t... Read More »

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How to Take Action Toward Religious Liberty While Learning from Liberty Counsel Videos?

Have you wondered how you a supporter of the "First Amendment", U.S. Constitutional freedoms, or Biblical Judaeo-Christian -- or as a religious person -- may find assistance, delineate issues and h... Read More »

What is moral fiber?

Someone of "good moral fiber" uses sound, ethical judgment in the face of moral dilemmas---actions, individuality, and perseverance over fear, further refines the definition.Ethics into Action"He w... Read More »

What would a moral absolutist be most likely to say?

Alexander Tilloch Galt was born on September 6, 1817.

What is a moral relativist?

Many people make decisions by asking if a choice is good or bad, essentially wondering about the best moral choice; however, a moral relativist will look inside himself and ask what choice feels mo... Read More »