What is moral development?

Answer The Encyclopedia of Children's Heath defines moral development as "the process through which children develop proper attitudes and behaviors toward other people in society, based on social and cult... Read More »

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What is a moral development?

Psychologists and sociologists have often studied and debated the development of morals in individuals. Morals--the understanding of "right" and "wrong" behavior--vary, according to cultures, reli... Read More »

What is the moral development theory?

The moral development theory was introduced by developmental psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg. Kohlberg developed his theory after studying the cognitive development theories of Jean Piaget. It deals... Read More »

What did Carol Gilligan say about moral development between boys& girls?

Carol Gilligan noted that girls concern themselves more with relationships, care and how they connect with other people. Her hypothesis stated that girls incline themselves toward caring, while boy... Read More »

How Is Moral Development Achieved?

Moral development is the acquisition of a sense of right and wrong. The moral development of an individual is influenced by the teachings and actions of those around him. Society at large benefits ... Read More »