Is my montessori school a real montessori school?

Answer I’m glad that you asked. The name Montessori is not copyrighted and so some people open up a “Montessori School” without the right training, materials, schedule and so on. To begin with, a r... Read More »

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What is a montessori curriculum?

The word "curriculum" brings to mind images of thick textbooks, piles of workbooks and intricate lesson plans. The Montessori curriculum utilizes another approach to education however, one that cal... Read More »

The Uses of Montessori Materials?

Montessori education strives to go beyond simply teaching a child rote memorization of concepts. It focuses on teaching the whole child, using manipulation of the materials with hands. Maria Montes... Read More »

How to Use Montessori Materials?

The Montessori Method of teaching involves using various materials to give a sensory experience. The curriculum materials cover areas such as language, math, geography, history, health and safety, ... Read More »

How to Become a Montessori Teacher?

Montessori teaching differs from traditional teaching because it's student-led. Like traditional teachers, Montessori teachers must become certified in the area they want to work. Teachers can be c... Read More »