The MonaVie Scam?

Answer Founded in 2005 in Utah, MonaVie expanded quickly into several worldwide markets. Within five years it claimed over 100,000 distributors with yearly sales approaching $1 billion. Detractors have m... Read More »

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What is MonaVie juice?

MonaVie juice is a nutritious drink that contains 19 all-natural ingredients, powerful antioxidants, vitamins A, B and E, fiber, minerals and essential fatty acids.IngredientsThe main ingredient is... Read More »

How much orac is in monavie?

Monavie is the brand name of a beverage made from a blend of fruit juices. The oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) concentration of Monavie is 22.8 micromoles per ml. A 4 oz. serving of Monav... Read More »

How long does MonaVie last when refrigerated?

MonaVie is an acai berry-based juice promoted as an energy and immune-system booster. The product has a shelf life of one year as long as it is unopened, whether it is refrigerated or not. Once ope... Read More »

What are the side effects of MonaVie juice?

MonaVie juice is a fruit-based health drink that contains blended concentrates of fruits and the acai berry. Monarch Health Sciences, the name behind MonaVie, claims that the juice supplies antioxi... Read More »