What is cell&molecular biology?

Answer Cellular biology studies the anatomy of the cell such as the nucleus, ribosomes, mitochondria, and Golgi bodies, as well as different types of cells like nerve, skin or muscle cells. Molecular biol... Read More »

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Molecular Biology Ph.D. Programs?

Molecular biology degree programs leading to a doctor of philosophy degree provide in-depth researching opportunities for students seeking entry into the field, as a researcher, an instructor, or a... Read More »

Careers in Molecular & Cell Biology?

A cell or molecular biologist primarily works with microbes, also known as viruses, bacteria and fungi that can only be seen and manipulated through a microscope. Within this specialized branch of ... Read More »

Careers in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology?

Biochemistry and molecular biology hold great promise for employment. Biochemists and molecular biologists examine plants and animals at a molecular level and investigate ways to improve quality o... Read More »

Colleges in Ohio for Molecular Biology?

Ohio has 19 four-year universities throughout the state. Out of this number, 13 are public universities and 6 are private. When considering an undergraduate or graduate degree in molecular biology,... Read More »