What is modern moral philosophy?

Answer "Modern Moral Philosophy" was an article written by G.E.M. Anscombe in 1958 that caused numerous debates and influenced contemporary ethics. Anscombe was a British analytic philosopher, and her ide... Read More »

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The Different Types of Moral Philosophy?

Every day we are faced with difficult decisions, and we have to address questions about what is right and wrong. Most societies base their rules and laws upon similar assumptions about human rights... Read More »

What is the definition of moral philosophy?

Moral philosophy is the study of ethics, or how we live our lives. The school of moral philosophy is generally divided into three categories: meta-ethics, the study of moral reasoning; normative et... Read More »

Moral Philosophy Associated with Behavioral Theory?

Behaviorism is often not connected to any specific form of morality, since it is a totally deterministic approach to human action. This psychological school posits that human action is purely a pro... Read More »

How to Characterize the Differences Between Traditional & Moral Philosophy?

Traditional philosophy designs the framework for morality, setting the rules through a careful realization of absolute moral ideals. Moral philosophers work within the framework of these certaintie... Read More »