What is mock turtle soup?

Answer Mock turtle soup is an English soup that was invented in the 19th century. It is typically made of brains, calf's head and feet, and mixed with wine and spices.OriginsIn Victorian England (1837 to ... Read More »

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What is the main ingredient in mock turtle soup?

Mock turtle soup is a soup made to imitate the flavor and texture of genuine turtle soup, which used to be a symbol of opulence. There are a wide variety of different recipes, most of which use be... Read More »

How to Make Turtle Soup?

Turtle soup is delicious and has great medical properties. Turtles are also a great source of protein.

How do you make turtle soup?

Ingredients1 1/2 sticks butter2 1/2 pounds turtle meat, cut into medium dice*Salt and freshly cracked pepper2 medium onions, cut into medium dice6 stalks celery, cut into medium dice30 cloves garli... Read More »

What Kind of Snapping Turtle Is Used in Philadelphia Snapper Soup?

The common snapping turtle is used to make Philadelphia Snapper Soup. The turtle can either be caught in the wild or farm-raised. Pennsylvania still allows limited harvesting of wild snapping turtl... Read More »