Miley what what what?

Answer im sooo sick of miley cyrus. shes obviously gonna be the next brittany spears

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What do you think about Miley?

I couldn't care less about her. She may not be a good role model but you dissing her doesn't make you a good one, either. Having a problem with gays also doesn't help you.Many people "screw" themse... Read More »

Miley Cyrus.Hot or Not?

Don't you just love Miley?

Finally someone who doesn't bash her! It frustrates me that people think she is inappropriate, stuck up, etc etc these people that are saying these comments don't even know her! How can you judge s... Read More »

Who is better Miley or Selena?

Selena !!! She is someone I could confide in and talk to.. I am 16 and I look up to her, Miley is ok, but for some reason, she is a bit sketchy to me.