Miley cyrus is having her 16th birthday party soon and its 250$ would you go?

Answer hell no i'd pay $250 not to see her waste of time

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What are some birthday activities and food to have at a 3 yr. olds birthday party?

Activities::::::::::::::::::::1. color,paint,or make doorhangers.2. you can get a clown for entertainment 3. face painting4. jump rope or sportsFoods:::::::::::::::::::::1. sandwiches2. pasta3. piz... Read More »

My fiancé birthday is April 19 and i am clueless on what to do for his birthday.?

Perform oral sex on him for several hours then ride him like a stallion

It's My Birthday What Birthday meal?

EXACTLY >>> Its your Birthday... Have them cook your favorite meal ! What is one meal your mom makes that you could eat every day ??? have her make that ! By the way,,,,,,Happy Birthday and a Birth... Read More »

What do you think about Miley?

I couldn't care less about her. She may not be a good role model but you dissing her doesn't make you a good one, either. Having a problem with gays also doesn't help you.Many people "screw" themse... Read More »