What is mild anemia?

Answer Anemia is a condition where red blood cells are not healthy enough to carry sufficient oxygen to different parts of the body. If your anemia is mild, it could go undetected, leaving you feeling tir... Read More »

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Mild Anemia in Dogs?

Canine anemia is the low concentration of red blood cells or iron in the blood (haemoglobin), or both. Red blood cells include the molecule haemoglobin that attaches oxygen for delivery to the body... Read More »

You are almost ten weeks can it be normal to have some mild lower back pain and mild cramping you have no bleeding at all?

Answer Yes, it is very normal. Tell the doctor and he can tell you how to get rid of it, or mild it.

At L4_L5 there is mild right base disc bulge which causes mild foraminal stenosis on the right.?

Sounds like a direct quote from an MRI report! Yes, very common issue. A weak point in human design especially since we now sit so much and then after sitting for hours, get up and lift refrigerat... Read More »

I think I have anemia How do I know?

First, I am not a doctor but my mom was a nurse for many years, she thinks that you are tired and getting dizzy with headaches because of your diet, maybe you need to eat more protein and bananas w... Read More »