What is microsoft live?

Answer Microsoft's Windows Live offers a compendium of online services and features all from a central location. This service from Microsoft is not only convenient but also free.FeaturesWindows Live users... Read More »

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What is a Microsoft Live Search Toolbar?

The Microsoft Live Search Toolbar, also known as Bing, is an Internet Explorer and Firefox add-on that allows users to search the web. The toolbar is a search engine that appears in an Internet bro... Read More »

Why is microsoft abandoning it's live care product What will happen to my backups?

If backups are your primary concern, then I suggest you invest a few dollars and get one or more external USB drives. They are very cheap and easy to use. (Seagate makes some of the best on the m... Read More »

How do i eliminate microsoft live?

Many of the free Microsoft Windows Live programs duplicate the functions of your full-featured software. Similar Web services also make some of the Live components less attractive than their compet... Read More »

Microsoft Office Live Tutorial?

Microsoft Office Live allows users to save and share documents using the Internet. Users can create an online workspace to upload or prepare documents, and access them on any computer with an Inter... Read More »