What is microfiche?

Answer A microfiche is a photograph of images and documents arranged in a grid on a transparent sheet of film that is roughly 4 by 5 inches. It compresses the size of documents by reducing them to micro-i... Read More »

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What is a microfiche reader?

A microfiche reader is a scanning device that enlarges images that have been placed on microfiche film. Microfiche readers are often used at libraries for research.FunctionA microfiche reader reads... Read More »

What is a microfiche printer?

Microfiche printers, designed in 1975, allow people to print documents off of microfiche machines. Microfiche machines and printers can be found at most libraries and include large selections of do... Read More »

What is a microfiche machine?

A microfiche machine enlarges microfiche images for viewing on a screen. Microfiche, a flat sheet of photographic film (most often 4 by 6 inches, or about 10 by 15 cm), is a stable archival format.... Read More »

What Are the Similarities Between a Book and Microfiche?

Microfiche refers to the flat, transparent sheets of photographic film that contain text and images, normally from newspapers, catalogues or other documents. These sheets are about the size of post... Read More »