What is microfiche?

Answer A microfiche is a photograph of images and documents arranged in a grid on a transparent sheet of film that is roughly 4 by 5 inches. It compresses the size of documents by reducing them to micro-i... Read More »

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Who invented microfiche?

Microfiche, a kind of film that holds about one hundred pages of printed text, was invented by Carl O. Carlson in 1961. Carlson, who was a resident of Ohio, worked at the National Cash Register Com... Read More »

What is a microfiche machine?

A microfiche machine enlarges microfiche images for viewing on a screen. Microfiche, a flat sheet of photographic film (most often 4 by 6 inches, or about 10 by 15 cm), is a stable archival format.... Read More »

Does anyone remember microfiche...?

Hi, yes I do. In fact when i worked for Customs and Excise I spent a while working in the Microfilm department, where we used to film the documents and put them onto microfilm to use with the fiche.

What is a microfiche reader?

A microfiche reader is a scanning device that enlarges images that have been placed on microfiche film. Microfiche readers are often used at libraries for research.FunctionA microfiche reader reads... Read More »