How to Deal With a Boss Who Accuses You of Needing Micro Managing?

Answer How do you deal with an assertion from your boss that you need to be micro-managed? Often this is a reflection of the inability of your boss to let go and delegate without breathing down your neck,... Read More »

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Will the Olympus micro 4/3 60mm macro lens fit my Lumix micro 4/3 G1camera?

Olympus and Panasonic share the Micro 4/3 lens mount. They first pioneered the 4/3 format and now champion the Micro 4/3 system. The Olympus 60mm macro is compatible with your G1.

What is a managing conservator?

Answer It is a term used in some states to indicate who retains custody of a minor child. If parents share equal custody they are joint managing conservators. If one parent retains primary custody... Read More »

What is a managing contractor contract?

A contract for a managing contractor sets the boundaries within which the managing contractor will manage a specific project. Rules for hiring subcontractors, liabilities, costs and project timelin... Read More »

What Are Teachers Taught About Managing a Classroom?

Classroom management is the methods and strategies that a teacher uses to organize his classroom and manage students' behavior. Though every prospective teacher is taught something different about ... Read More »