What is miconazole nitrate cream?

Answer Miconazole nitrate is an anti-fungal medication that is used to remedy skin and vaginal fungal infections. This anti-fungal is typically used in over-the-counter medications to help deter fungal en... Read More »

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How to Mix Miconazole Nitrate With Oil to Make Hair Grow?

The average person experiences half an inch of hair growth a month. If you're interested in increasing your hair growth rate or are combating hair loss, a variety of growth aids are available. One ... Read More »

What is miconazole cream?

Miconazole cream is a generic topical medication available both with a doctor's prescription and over the counter. A member of the azole anti-fungal class of drugs, miconazole cream is used to trea... Read More »

How Can One Remove Nitrate Salts From Nitrate Enriched Soil?

Soils become enriched with nitrate salts after consistent chemical fertilization. Most soils that are enriched with nitrate salts are used for agriculture. With proper management, there should be l... Read More »

Has anyone ever tried to buy potassium nitrate or calcium nitrate from a Canadian pharmasict?

Unless you want a visit from your homeland security team don't ask for these chemicals by name. Any garden shop can sell you fertilizers meant for growing tomatoes.