Who owns Michael Jordans estate?

Answer Michael Jordan is well alive. You mean Michael Jackson the singer not Michael Jordan the basketball star. Anyway, the answer is his sister Janet.

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What size am I in womens shoe size on Ebay link attached?

I normally get a size bigger(instead of 10 sometimes I get 11/12), I suggest getting a 5 and a half

What size are 37/38 scuba fins in a regular shoe size?

Scuba fin sizes correspond to shoe size, so a 37/38 fin in the European system is a 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 in the American system. If you dive in cold waters and need thick neoprene wetboots, you need a bi... Read More »

What shoe size are salomon ski boots size 28.5?

A 28.5 Salomon ski boot is the equivalent of a men's size 10.5 shoe in the United States. In the sizing scale for footwear in the United Kingdom, a Salomon size 28.5 is the equivalent of a size 10,... Read More »

What website can you buy cheap jordans,even fake jordans?

If you looking for real jordans, then you can go any major shoe store's website and buy them there. For example, you can go to footlocker, nike, eastbay, sheik websites and they sell them there. If... Read More »