Who were the first Sesame Street characters?

Answer Big Bird, (an orange) Oscar the Grouch, Bert & Ernie, Kermit the Frog & Cookie Monster were the first Muppet characters to premiere. The human characters were Gordon, Bob, Susan & Mr. Hooper.

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How many characters are on Sesame Street?

yesNo. Chip has a black nose, Dale has a red nose. Dale has Goofy type teeth, Chip has regular rodent teeth.

What Sesame Street characters are red?

Who are the Sesame street characters?

There has been many more characters but these are the most regular and well remembered and some not so famous onesnone of the human characters have been placed.ArnoldBaby bearBig BirdBertBuddy and ... Read More »

Who provides the voices for the sesame street characters?

I know it's wierd but i think swiper just swipes from people for the joy of swiping, & I THINK he's a kleptomaniac!