What is mexico's geography?

Answer Mexico is a country made up of 31 states and one federal district. The geography includes deserts, mountain ranges, rivers and islands.LocationMexico is located in the southern portion of North Ame... Read More »

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What is a delta geography?

In geography, deltas are areas of alluvial (river) sediment deposits at or near the mouth of the river. Waves, currents and the topography above and below the water influence the shape of the delta... Read More »

What is the term of coast in geography?

Well coast means the edge. So when somebody says "The coast of California.", they mean the edge where land meets the sea.

What is dry farming in terms of geography?

[1] Dry farming's put into effect whenever the cultivator relies just on rain and snow fall, and on soil moisture. Geographically, it would be found in desert-like and drought-prone environments. [... Read More »

What Are the Six Essential Elements of Geography?

As the governments and cultures of the world become more intertwined through commerce, internet and increased interactions, the importance of geography has increased. Geography -- literally, the st... Read More »