What is methylparaben propylparaben?

Answer Methylparaben propylparaben is a preservative used primarily in cosmetics but also in foods and drugs. It is used to prohibit the growth of microorganisms in cosmetics, particularly water-based cos... Read More »

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What does propylparaben do in my cream?

Propylparaben is manufactured synthetically for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foods. It's used as a preservative for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to extend the shelf life o... Read More »

What is propylparaben that is included in products?

Propylparaben is a common paraben, a compound of n-proply alcohol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Propylparaben is a preservative used in cosmetics including lipstick, eye liner, lip gloss, anti-aging a... Read More »

Is methylparaben bad?

On One Hand: Methylparaben is Considered SafeThe Food and Drug Administration does not currently consider methylparaben to be unsafe for use in cosmetic products. Methylparaben is used in cosmetics... Read More »

Is methylparaben safe?

On One Hand: Considered a Safe ChemicalAccording to OSHA, methylparaben is a chemical that is commonly used in cosmetics, foods, and beverages. Its function is to keep microorganisms such as bacte... Read More »