I just purchased a gel memory foam pad. Can I use a heated mattress pad with the gel memory foam pad?

Answer contact the maker of the gel memory pad. The heat may damage it!!

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How do I cut memory foam?

Mark the LinesUse a permanent marker to mark cutting lines on the piece of memory foam. Place the foam on the floor or other flat surface to make accurate measurements. Be sure the piece is square... Read More »

Can you cut a memory foam mattress?

It is possible to cut a memory foam mattress. The foam is somewhat dense and "spongy," so use a very sharp knife, jig or sabre saw, or an electric bread knife. Some manufacturers, including Ahh Mem... Read More »

How to Use an Old Memory Foam Topper?

Old memory foam toppers break down and compress over time -- resulting in loss of the support that new toppers provide. When this happens, you can attempt to sell or give away the topper, throw it ... Read More »

Is memory foam polyurethane?

Memory foam is made of synthetic polyurethane, which has been treated with non-toxic chemicals to make it visco-elastic, with an increased density and weight and the ability to return to its normal... Read More »