How to tell if you have melanoma. please help?

Answer Go see a doctor to have it evaluated if you have any concern. Melanoma has these characteristics:…

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What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a very serious form of skin cancer. It begins in melanocytes— cells that make the skin pigment called melanin. Although melanoma accounts for only about 4% of all skin cancer cases, i... Read More »

Potentially melanoma?

It is impossible to tell if a mole is indeed a melanoma unless it it biopsied. It's good to hear that you're having this looked at, if only to relieve your mind.It's my guess that your mole is infl... Read More »

Im scared i have melanoma!!?

Please don't freak out before you have to...I had so many moles biopsied and removed it wasn't even funny. He is waiting two weeks for the biopsy because he is not as concerned as he would be had h... Read More »

Melanoma What kind of doctor to see etc . .?

I would suggest a gynecologist.Edit: They do vulvar/dermatological biopsies pretty frequently. If you do not have one, I would suggest you call the nearest hospital and ask if they have a physician... Read More »