What is medicare tax withheld?

Answer Taxes that are withheld are payroll income taxes that the law requires employers to deduct from employees' wages. Medicare tax is one of these withheld taxes.PurposeThe government uses medicare tax... Read More »

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Is Social Security tax& Medicare withheld from retirement income?

Social Security and Medicare taxes are not withheld from retirement income because those two taxes only apply to earned income. The Internal Revenue Service does not consider retirement income, inc... Read More »

Are Medicare& OASDI included when calculating the total federal income tax withheld?

Medicare and OASDI (old age, survivors and disability, also known as Social Security) taxes are calculated separately from federal income tax withholding. They do not decrease the amount of income ... Read More »

Can a Medicare patient receive reimbursement directl from Medicare for purchase of durable medical equipment?

Answer ABSOLUTELY THEY CAN! Wherever you bought your durable medical equipment should be able to bill Medicare DMERC on your behalf. They send in the claim for you and they have to check the box to... Read More »

The Coordination of Medicare Advantage & Medicare Benefits?

Medicare is the national, federally funded health care program for the elderly and disabled in the United States. Enrollees may also decide to get their health care through the Medicare private hea... Read More »