What is mediation analysis?

Answer If you are a traditionalist, you will file a lawsuit over your conflicts and depend on a judge or jury for resolution. If you want to control your own fate, you'll resolve your conflicts using a m... Read More »

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What is mediation law?

Mediation law refers to an alternative dispute resolution process where parties to a dispute agree to engage a third-party mediator, who through application of conflict resolution skills, plays an ... Read More »

What is mediation and arbitration?

Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution techniques where parties agree to have their controversy resolved in an out-of-court forum by a neutral third party.ArbitrationIn arbitr... Read More »

What Schools Offer Degrees in Mediation?

A professional mediator is someone who resolves conflicts and ensures that opposing sides feel as if they were fairly treated. The job requires patience, reasoning skills and the ability to find re... Read More »

What is the relation among mediation, allopethic, Homeopathic & shamanic system to cure the deseases?

There is no such thing as allopethic[sic] medicine.There is only medicine. If it works and is shown to work it;s called "medicine" everything else homeopathy, shamanic, etc is quackery nonsense