What is meant by wysiwyg?

Answer Wysiwyg has become so much the norm for software users that many people use the technology without realizing they are doing so.HistoryPrior to the incorporation of wysiwyg technology in 1974, edit... Read More »

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What does WYSIWYG GUI mean?

WYSIWYG whatyouseeiswhatyougetGUIgraphicaluserinterfaceIts used for things like web deisgn which have lots of code, which is how people used to program. Now, with WYSIWYG you can see what goes wh... Read More »

What is a good WYSIWYG web design site?

This website is a free service for creating high-impact graphics websites, animations, flash presentations and slide shows ,directly online and without downloading any softw... Read More »

What does WYSIWYG stand for in computer terms?

The term "WYSIWYG" in computing is an acronym that stands for "what you see is what you get." This term describes computer programs that will publish or print the information exactly as it appears ... Read More »

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