What is meant by the series number in oil paints?

Answer There are two qualities of oil paints--artist quality and student quality. Artist quality oil paints are more expensive and have specific information included in their labels. This includes a serie... Read More »

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Are oil paints better than acrylic paints?

On One Hand: Characteristics of Oil PaintOil-based paints have a wider range of textures and colors than acrylic paints. Home Depot says oil paints also stick to surfaces better, penetrate deeper a... Read More »

What is an exclusive toll free telephone number meant for only those who wish to purchase new service from Dish Network?

1-877-270-2108 is an exclusive sales line for those wishing to purchase new service from Dish Network via a toll free telephone number.

How to Mix Paints for Spraying Automotive Paints?

When you want to mix paints for automotive spraying applications, there are some guidelines that need to be followed to do the job correctly. Coloring or tinting paints should best be left to profe... Read More »