What is meant by processor speed?

Answer A processor is essentially the heart of the computer. Its speed is measured by how many times it vibrates each second, much like a heart rate is measured by how many times it pumps blood per minute... Read More »

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What is it meant by camera speed?

There are many functions of speed when referring to cameras. The film speed refers to the sensitivity to light of the light capturing medium. If you are shooting with ISO 200 film it will take mo... Read More »

Does processor speed affect download speed?

Even a pentium 1 handles data internally 1000's of times faster than broadband transfer speeds. Your computer is just passing time waiting for downloads or even worse uploads.The answer is no.P.S.... Read More »

What is a processor speed?

According to PC Guide, processor speed usually refers to the operating speed of a computer's central processor unit (CPU). Circuit size, die size and processing quality affect the maximum speed of ... Read More »

What is bus speed on a processor?

The frontside bus speed on a computer is the speed at which information travels from the motherboard to the processor. Bus speed is measured in either Gigahertz of Megahertz and is usually slower t... Read More »