What is meant by intellectual copyrights?

Answer Intellectual Property (IP) is used to describe creations of the mind that include images, names, symbols, literary work, artistic work and designs that are used in commerce. Patents and copyrights ... Read More »

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Can someone help me with YouTube copyrights?

First off, as long as you legally have bought the xbox and the game, yes. Many people get partnered from playing video games. Also, Same with the music. Buy it off of iTunes, and youtube will allow... Read More »

Do copyrights expire?

Yes, if a copyright is not renewed, it will generally expire 70 years after the author's death. However, the copyright term granted depends on the type of publication and when the publication occur... Read More »

Why do we have copyrights&patents?

Copyright and patent law are part of intellectual property law. They protect such creators as inventors, writers and artists from having their intellectual property stolen or used by others without... Read More »