What is meant by employment contracts?

Answer Employers often use employment contracts as a means to control or to assure quality work by the employee, while employees negotiate them to ensure job security. It is important not to enter into on... Read More »

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Differences Between Contracts of Employment & Contracts for Services?

In the business world there are many different types of work relationships between companies and individuals. Some positions come with benefits provided by the employer as well as certain legal obl... Read More »

What is meant by novation of contracts for funds?

A novation of contract for funds occurs when someone assumes the obligation to pay the debt for the person originally named in a contract as the debtor. This totally releases the person named on t... Read More »

What is the contracts of employment act?

The Contracts of Employment Act was a measure passed by Parliament in 1963, which was intended to consolidate and refine previous labor law in the United Kingdom.HistoryPrior to 1963, there was ver... Read More »

Why is it important to have employment contracts?

Employment contracts are legal documents that set down and describe the situation in which the employee will work for the employer. They provide a variety of benefits for both parties.FiringEmploym... Read More »