What is meant by defragmenting files?

Answer As a computer gets older, its processing of programs can take longer. While some of this slowdown can be blamed on too many files or a possible virus, the problem is most likely because of fragment... Read More »

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What is defragmenting mean?

De-fragmenting is taking files that are stored all around your hard disk and placing them in one area.It is like sorting out a filing just means putting everything where it is easier t... Read More »

What is the meaning of defragmenting?

With steady use of a computer, files on the hard drive can become fragmented or broken. This can happen when system files are edited or by the use of antivirus software. Defragmenting the computer ... Read More »

What is the purpose of defragmenting?

Creating and deleting files causes fragmentation, meaning pieces of a file are stored several places on the hard drive. Defragmenting puts the pieces back in consecutive order. Less fragmentation m... Read More »